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Flagship Resort Timeshare Resales

Owner's asking price: $8,599
1 Bedroom, Sleeps 4

60 N Maine Ave, Atlantic City, NJ UNITED STATES

Timeshare MLS Ad #: 379261
Unit#: 2818-E
Floating: Y
Usage: Even Years Only
Season: Yellow = med w/II
Points: 0
RCI Points: 0
Maintenance Fee: $651.37

Notes: 1 br unit for a floating week in Yellow season, Even year usage. 1 br unit, floating week. Use weeks in Yellow season as defined by public offering statement. Has a loan. To view the resort go to: Platinum benefits include discounted additional stays with additional getaways. Also discounted or Free benefits usage options. Owner may request stays 30 days or less in advance. Yellow season as described in the Public Offering Statement. You may split your week into 3 nights, Friday thru Monday morning checkout and 4 night stays, Monday through Fri morning checkout. Called 'split intervals' for a small fee $45. Use a 1 br unit sleeps 4. Resort renovated the pool, added additional amenities, includes a business center, there are recently 3 casino's built close by and resort updated. Great renovation of the Boardwalk underway. Call Charlie Horton at (800) 733-8846 ext:6129 to speak with a representative. At, you can buy timeshare at a discount today!

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