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Monarch Grand Vacations, Diamond Resorts Timeshare Resales

Owner's asking price: $18,000
2 Bedrooms, Sleeps 8

23091 Mill Creek Dr, Laguna Hills, CA UNITED STATES

Timeshare MLS Ad #: 363870
Unit#: points
Floating: Y
Usage: Even Years Only
Points: 7980
RCI Points: 0
Maintenance Fee: $622.44

Notes: 7980 Diamond points currently. Members of Monarch Grand Vacations converted to Diamond points. Owners enjoy the flexibility of a points-based system that offers several locations and types of accommodations. Amenities may vary depending on location. See the Diamond resorts website for details on resorts available. But to reach a Realtor about this property, call 800 733 8845 at Stroman Realty, Call Charlie Horton at (800) 733-8846 ext:6129 to speak with a representative. At, you can buy timeshare at a discount today!

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