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Buying Timeshare Questions

What is timeshare ownership?

Said simply... Buying Timeshare is when you purchase only that period of time (or your share) of a beautiful resort that you can sensibly use during the year. Timeshare ownership is a logical way to GUARANTEE your exclusive use of accommodations for a particular period of time and a means to save money on first-class vacation accommodations at exclusive, luxury resorts worldwide.

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What is the advantage of buying timeshare on the resale market vs. buying direct from the Resort?

Primarily – because of price! You can buy the very same timeshare accommodations from an individual owner that you could purchase direct from a resort – but generally at the lower resale price. And, here is why:

High marketing cost is one of the underlying problems associated with both timeshare resales and new timeshares for sale. It is estimated that the marketing costs alone are over 40% of the new sales price paid by the consumer and these marketing costs are simply added to the retail price of the timeshare. Typically, the resale price does not include the high marketing costs that were included when the property was originally purchased.

Timeshare buyers have become more educated on vacation timeshare and understand that the resale price can be from 25% to 60% of what they would pay if they purchased at the retail price direct from the resort. Saving money by purchasing on a truly market-based pricing structure makes sense!


What is a "NEW" Timeshare?

Owning a condo on the beaches of Destin or the ski runs of Vail may be your dream, but understand there is really no difference between a “new” or “used” timeshare. One often reads or hears people compare developer sales and resales of timeshares to new car sales and used car sales. In some circumstances there may be relevant comparisons. However, there is one big difference that most have never thought about.

Once an owner makes the decision to sell, the owner actually becomes a competitor with the developers’ new sales in the open marketplace. Many developers view resale as unwanted competition and tend to avoid the entire resale issue. The developers have arbitrarily created a distinction between the new unit sale and the resale unit -- when in most cases the only difference is the price the consumer pays.

All timeshare units are new ONLY the first night of the first owner’s stay. The next morning, the unit is no longer new.

Even though vacation timeshare ownership may be one of several types of ownership such as deeded, right-to-use or club membership there is something all consumers should keep in mind. The unit they buy is usually the exact same product whether it is new or a resale.


Where do I start to buy a timeshare through

  1. First, Search our Timeshare Resale Catalog that contains timeshares for sale located all over the world and accessible here on Select the resort and/or location where you would like to take your vacations. The catalog offers buyers the most comprehensive selection of individually-owned timeshares available for sale on the resale market – including both II, RCI and Exchange Company affiliated resorts.

    Or, if you would prefer the assistance of a licensed Real Estate Broker to help you find that special timeshare and with negotiating the purchase, arranging for escrow, preparing the contracts, and working with the title company until transfer of title, etc., you may contact a licensed REALTOR® through our Broker Network by clicking here or by calling (800)247-4392. One of their licensed agents can help you find the perfect vacation condo for you and your family.

  2. The choice is yours. Whether you seek elegant accommodations at an exciting and exotic destination; a rustic mountain cabin near a clear, beautiful lake; a romantic getaway; a warm sunny beach or the exhilaration of skiing down the slopes -- there is a resort tailor-made for YOU
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