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Timeshare Advice for Consumers

Buyers and sellers: Seek a specialized licensed timeshare broker to get timeshare advice when you are buying timeshares or selling timeshares. Title companies unfamiliar with timeshare closings may have difficulty qualifying and closing timeshare sales when as many as four states are involved in the transaction. With international sales, it becomes even more difficult.

Information from the National Association of REALTORS® about the real estate industry supports the findings that REALTORS® get as much as 16% higher prices for properties. So the best timeshare advice we can give to sellers is to choose a member of the National Association of REALTORS® when selling timeshares or any other type of real estate. 

Prices can also vary because of buyer’s perception of the market and what a willing buyer will offer and a seller will accept.

  • Timeshare Advice for Buyers: Choose a broker with a large inventory of vacation resort choices. Also carefully select financing terms and rates. There are several who will finance timeshare vacations without needing a lien on the timeshare for security.

  • imeshare Advice for Sellers: Choose a timeshare broker that has many buyers and can guide you from marketing to the conclusion of the sale.

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